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May 2

Formatting graphics within your document


I have this awesome reader who just bought all my books recently. He promised to let me know of any typos he came across as he read. He found a small handful of typos over three books. Bless his heart. So, I spent the last eight hours going over those three books and finding and fixing those mistakes (and finding a couple more along the way - sigh). I also learned from publishing over on SmashWords that they required graphics to be formatted as 'in line' Graphics is something that I've wrestled with for ages, trying to get them to look the way I want, not to mention getting them to stay there. Come to find out as I was working through one of my books, that anchoring them 'in line' did all that. I know what I did in this book. The graphic wasn't in line with the text, it was a scene break image and on a line of it's own, with its own formatting (centered). As I was going through this document, almost all of the graphics had drifted off by a line, even though they were tagged properly. Setting them from 'top and bottom' to 'in line' fixed that instantly. The image was butted up against the following paragraph, but all I had to do was start a new paragraph and then center the image. easy-peasy, though tedious. I had a lot of little graphics in that book, and I had to do two versions - eBook and paperback. They're different because I like a table of contents in my paperbacks.

I also learned from this project that WPS Writer for Linux isn't as good as Microsoft Word, though it is VERY close. It seems that if a paragraph broke at the bottom of a page to continue on the next, it didn't take that last line to the end before finishing the sentence/paragraph on the next page. Not a manual page break, though that's what it looks like. No setting I could devise fixed that. And most frustrating - it didn't do it all the time. I'll have to send them a message to see what's up with that. It messed up the page numbers on one of my paperbacks (but not the other two). Very frustrating. I like my page numbers centered at the bottom of the page. In this book, they are centered in the left half of the bottom of the page. Talk about out of whack.

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