We jumped off even though we don’t have everything functional yet.

We didn't want you to have to wait!


We do have enough to start providing significant help to many authors. More importantly, we have the resources to start promoting our members. Please bear with us as we continue to grow to serve you better. We are doing our best to add additional services as rapidly as possible without sacrificing quality. If you have something you would like added please tell us ( or Yes, we own, .net, and .org. We are using for all email to keep the .com website only for content to help authors. The use for will be announced soon. 

We are continuing to add features and develop the website.

Over the next few months, we will be expanding our services. One idea would be an online store where authors would be vendors on a multi-vendor site. The authors could sell their books, but they could also then choose a variety of “merchandise” for their books (mugs, pillows, tank tops, hoodies, etc.). The site would handle all of the technical necessities and costs behind the creation and hosting of this type of e-commerce site. The cost to authors would be a small percentage of sales. And even those using KU could participate because they could bundle their books with other items. KU only requires exclusivity for an exact offer.

We are also looking to feature authors, books, and other items of interest on digital media services.

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