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We're glad you found enough to want to join. You have to sign up, and be approved, before you can select a plan, and join. Approval is done via email; please keep in mind we are in the Eastern Time Zone of the USA. 

This might be a little different, please follow the instructions in the PDF below.


After you sign up, you will get an email from the website to confirm your email. Members have informed us due to settings in certain email providers, it landed in their spam folder. You must confirm your email in order to proceed to the completion part of the membership enrollment.

If you have signed up, been approved, selected your plan, and find you are back here,

scroll down again, the PayPal button will be at the bottom of the page.

If you have problems in the sign up process contact us at info@wassup-authors.net

We are on Eastern USA time, please take that into account. There could be substantial differences in the time where you are. We will reply the instant we see your message. 

First, there are a few things you need to know.

There are 3 membership options, membership is for 3 months based on $4 US per month. Some authors expressed interest in higher service levels, premium membership is based on $12 US per month

  The payments are made quarterly.

This helps to cut down on transactions fees, which cut into advertising money used to promote you.


So, your charge will be $12 US. or $36 US.

That covers three months.

If this truly is a hardship, contact us at info@wassup-authors.net

We will try to work something out for you.

We want all authors to be able to belong.

Please only do this if you really can’t afford the quarterly payments. The transaction fees on smaller payments will significantly affect advertising money to promote you.

Membership is NOT refundable.

Please make certain you want to be a member before hitting the Paypal key.


 After signing in, and paying for your membership, we need you to fill in the member bio page. We want to promote you. To do that we need information, pictures, links to your books and author pages. The more information you supply, the better we will be able to promote your work.


Associate Membership

is for bloggers, podcasters, readers, or anyone who wants to help support the Guild. They DO NOT have access to all of the features or services.


gets you full access to the site and services.



gets you full access, plus additional promotion in hundreds of groups, personal one-on-one time with mentors, and other services. 


Welcome aboard!

When you click 'Select Plan' you may be brought back to the top of this page.

Scroll down to the bottom, the PayPal button will be there.


After signing in, and paying for your membership,

please remember to fill in the member bio page.

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