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3 Minutes til Midnight by Hargrove Perth 


Moonlight Cove:A town where paranormal is the new normal.Where witches ,werewolves,vampires and the rest of the paranormal world are free to be who they are. For Witch Peculiar Morte it is home.An enchanting tale of love,loss,fear and the fight to decide her fate.Peculiar must make a decision,let fear control her and lose the love she so craves..or fight for that love and possibly lose EVERYONE she loves.In the fight against destiny everythings at risk..even her own life...3 minutes til midnight will leave you craving more.Whats in store for Peculiar and her gang of loyal friends?Get comfy on the edge of your seat because thats where youll stay.Hargove Perth gives you a fantastic tale of magic that will make you cry and your heart clench with the joy and pain that is Peculiar Morte.



BookLover Merci Review:

The Lost Treasure of Piney Bluff by Rowan Oneill


🌟When her father put the mysterious dirty object on their kitchen table Micca didn't know what drew her to it,just that she had to have it. She is drawn to it as it seems to be drawn to her.

Watch as four friends and their ever expanding group try to unravel the puzzle of it and learn their families powerful history while facing an intense evil.

An epic tale with loving, strong, addictive characters that will leave you craving more.Turning that last page with leave you sad, and wishing it wouldn't end.A truly magical, amazingly written tale that I thoroughly enjoyed.❀ 5 star read!

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Fallen Angels by J.C. Seal


Overflowing with twists and turns that will knock you off your feet, this magical story takes you into the world of demons, angels and, mythical creatures galore.


A tale of curses, friendship it shows that true love truly does conquer all. I truly loved this book! I felt immersed in a world of fantasy, fear, love, and with every page turned I felt like i was being hugged and taken on an adventure by Bela himself! An adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat.


I was biting my nails on more than one occasionπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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