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Anna L Walls:  


I was approached with this fantastic idea a short time ago. A site where writers could get the help they needed, for a price they could afford. In no time at all, the site's development team pulled things together and here we are. The website hadn't been up for a week before I was already featured in a blog post, as well as on the website. It’s all about being exposed to different people. I highly recommend you click through all the tabs. There are things offered here that I have never seen anywhere else, and since this site is so new, stay in touch for things to be added. I so look forward to working with this crew; they are such a great group of folks.

Angela Sanders, International Bestselling author of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy

This is my first experience being a member of an author’s guild, and WASSUP has not disappointed me in the least. As a matter of fact, the guild has gone above and beyond my expectations. To be honest, I was somewhat nervous in the beginning because I had no idea what to expect. But within a day of the website launching, not only did the founders set up an editor page for me (I’m a freelance editor on the side), but they reached out to a blogger who then emailed me immediately, requesting an interview.


I was shocked. I completed the interview, and the very next morning, the blog went live. I’ve received such amazing feedback and even book sales/page reads on Amazon because of it. I’m truly amazed by these wonderful people.


If I have a question, it’s answered immediately. And believe me, I’ve had a lot of questions. Another author convinced me to join the guild, and I can’t thank him, his daughter, and the rest of WASSUP team, enough for all that they’ve done for me.


I highly recommend WASSUP to any author wishing to join a great group of people in the writing industry. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this up-and-coming guild. I’m proud to call myself a member.

JA Stone


Antipathy and the AWOL Girls are killin' it on the promotion. All three books in the series are in the top 10 in category with more than 300 uploads so far - not too shabby. I only announced it once on my timeline without any links or covers...  This is a perfect example of how a handful of friends, and the right promotion, can push a title into the sweet spot, the 'zone of visibility' where it can be seen by ma-ma-millions of readers. This occurred after being featured on the Website and being promoted by the site's bloggers. Thanks you, guys.

You can see this kind of power in action, and be part of a family of writers helping one another, in this, and many more ways, by joining the Guild. Check the rest of the Website, or just scroll down my Facebook timeline for everything you need to know!


My truest desire for AWOL, is that folks will be hooked fast, blast through this trilogy, and say, 'Damn, that was wicked!' Promotions like this are not about money, obviously. They are for gathering actual fans who will follow the stories, read more, tell others, and review my work. Okay, review is a stretch - those things are pretty rare as we all know. Still, if only a handful are turned on by my storytelling, I call that a good day. It's always a win-win on freebies anyway, as several copies from my other series' have been picked up today as well. Yay!

Let me tell ya, I needed that pick me up big time. Thanks again, everyone, for the killer support!

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