Other words than can be used in place of said, asked... etc.


Accepted, acknowledged, admitted, affirmed, agreed, assumed, conferred, confessed, confirmed, justified, settled, understood, undertook, verified.


Accused, barked, bellowed, bossed, carped, censured, condemned, criticized, demanded, fumed, gawped, glowered, growled, grumbled, hissed ordered, raged, remonstrated, reprimanded, retorted, scoffed, scolded, seethed, snapped, snarled, ticked off, told off, upbraided.


Contemplated, mused, pondered.


Addressed, advertised, articulated, bragged, commanded, confided, decided, dictated, ended, exacted, finished, informed, made known, maintained, necessitated, pointed out, promised, reassured, remarked, repeated, reported, specified, stated, told.


Attracted, requested, wanted.


Babbled, beamed, blurted, broadcasted, burst, cheered, chortled, chuckled, cried out, crooned, crowed, declared, emitted, exclaimed, giggled, hollered, howled, interjected, jabbered, laughed, praised, preached, presented, proclaimed, professed, promulgated, quaked, ranted, rejoiced, roared, screamed, shouted, shrieked, swore, thundered, trilled, trumpeted, vociferated, wailed, yawped, yelled, yelped, yowled.


Cautioned, shuddered, trembled, warned.


Comforted, consoled, empathized, invited, offered, proffered, released, volunteered.


Advised, alleged, appealed, asserted, assured, avered, avowed, beckoned, begged, beseeched, cajoled, claimed, conceded, concluded, concurred, contended, defended, disposed, encouraged, entreated, held, hinted, implied, implored, importuned, inclined, indicated, insisted, pleaded, postulated, premised, presupposed, protested, stressed, suggested, touted, urged, vouched for, wheedled.


Chimed in, circulated, disseminated, distributed, expressed, grinned, made public, passed on, publicized, published, put forth, put out, quipped, quizzed, quoted, reckoned that, required, requisitioned, taunted, teased.


Exposed, imitated, joked, leered, lied, mimicked, mocked, provoked.


Agonized, bawled, blubbered, grieved, groaned, lamented, mewled, mourned, puled, sobbed, wept.


Announced, answered, began, called, commented, continued, denoted, disclosed, divulged, explained, imparted, noted, observed, proposed, rejoined, replied, revealed, shared, solicited, sought, testified, transferred, transmitted, went on.


Asked, doubted, faltered, fretted, guessed, hesitated, hypothesized, inquired, lilted, quavered, queried, questioned, shrugged, speculated, stammered, stuttered, supposed, trailed off, wondered.

Words That Indicate Sound

Breathed, choked, croaked, drawled, echoed, grunted, keened, moaned, mumbled, murmured, panted, sang, sniffled, sniveled, snorted, spluttered, squeaked, uttered, voiced, whimpered, whined, whispered.

Other Words for "Asked"

Appealed ,Begged ,Beseeched, Contended, Entreated, Inclined, Insisted, Pleaded, Probed, Prodded, Protested, Cajoled, Stressed, 

Doubted, Faltered, Guessed, Hesitated, Hypothesized, Inquired ,Lilted, Queried, Questioned, Wondered

Other Words for "Stated"

Instead of repeatedly using stated to express the way in which a character delivers their words, try using one of these more descriptive alternatives.

Asserted, Concluded, Explained, Noted, Remarked, Reported, Specified, Told

Adverbs and Phrases to Explain How Something Was Said By a Character

List of Adverbs for Dialogue

  • Abruptly, Absently, Acidly, Angrily, Apologetically, Approvingly, Artfully

  • Bemusedly

  • Calmly, Caustically, Cheerfully, Complacently, Crossly

  • Depressingly, Dryly

  • Earnestly, Enthusiastically

  • Gently, Gruffly

  • Happily, Hotly

  • Impatiently, Indulgently, Informed sassily, Innocently, Inquired doubtfully, Irritably

  • Loftily, Loudly

  • Mentally shrugged

  • Naturally, Nodded agreeably, Not wanting to sound pushy, Noncommittally

  • Offhandedly, Optimistically

  • Pleasantly, Politely, Politely smooth, Promised in a motherly/fatherly way, Prompted gently Promptly,

  • Quietly

  • Reflectively, Roughly

  • Sadly, Sympathetically, Sarcastically, Sincerely, Smiled faintly, Smugly, Soberly, Softly, Sparingly, Sternly,

  • Tartly, Tautly, Teased softly, Tightly, Truthfully, Thoughtfully,

  • Uncertainly, Unexpectedly, Urgently

  • Vaguely

  • Went on loyally, Wilfully misunderstood, Without sounding unduly curious, Wryly

  • Yearningly

  • Zealously


Collected from 550 Alternatives Words on owlcation.com


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